The Principal’s Message

St. Joseph's Co-ed Sr. Sec. School is a minority educational institution managed by the Archdiocesan Society,Bhopal. The Archbishop Most Rev.Dr. A.A.S Durairaj SVD is the Chairman.The School was established in 1986 for boys and girls and has undergone metamorphosis to become one of the premier educational institutions catering to the needs of Bhopal. The institution is known for its excellence in discipline, education, training and leadership.

To meet the growing needs of the people of the city for admission to this school, a new branch was founded from the academic session 2007-2008 at Divine Nagar, Kolar Road, Bhopal.This branch of school had a humble beginning with the able guidance of the pioneering Principal Rev. Fr. Solomen. He workedtirelessly  to develop this school. My hats off to him for his untiring work and dedication to build up this school. This academic year we will be sending out our first batch of std. 10th students.

 Today this school hosts about 2300 plus students from Nursery to standard tenth. Rev. Fr. Siby Joseph is the present manager of this school with whose support and co-operation we were able to have a good sports ground in which we conducted our first annual sports meet in 2015-16. We are proud to have a well-trained school band with 45 students playing melodious tunes including school anthem and national anthem. It was only possible with Rev. Fr. Ronald Cardoza’s blessings, foresight and generosity. In year 2016-17 we have introduced the smart class in school from std 1 to 12thfor better teaching learning facility. we have able, smart and energeticteam of masters and teachers for dance,sports and other extracurricular activities.

We have 80 committed and dedicated teaching staff, 5 clerical staff and 22 support staff in school. Through all our activities, curricular and extracurricular we try to impart the values such as love for God and for one another, respect for oneself and others, the sense of cleanliness which includes personal cleanliness of mind and body and keeping the surrounding clean. We also inculcate in our students the value of other centeredness by being sensitive to the needs of the less privileged in the society. Our assemblies are well prepared by each class to cater to the above mentioned values.

To conclude the school aims at the all-round development of every student-spiritual, emotional, psychological, intellectual and physical. I ask the almighty to continue to empower every member of this co-ed family to achieve our motto ‘’All’s well when done well”.

Sr. Ezhilarasi

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